Dudes, come to this year’s Art Book Fair, Showpaper is organizing many fun things:

♢  Music show Oct. 2nd, 3PM. Bands performing are: Bubbly Mommy Gun, The Dreebs, Guardian Alien, Cloud Becomes Your Hand and Bird Names!

♢  You can find our table to sign up a game called Papercuts (which is a NY Art Book Fair version of the classic game Assassin - a live-action game in which players try to eliminate each other from the game using mock weapons in an effort to become the last surviving player. We’ll play with colored socks !! :)
♢  We’ll have thousands of back issues available, if you’ve ever wanted to find old ones… here you chance!

♢  We’ll have 5 newsboxes on display, throughout the museum!

So don’t miss it!

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